Welcome to Wader-Wittis Wind Turbine Transportation & Installation Systems GmbH.
Our company is part of the international
Willi Wader Group

Automotive and Railways

Tow Balls and Parts for Automotive Towing Brackets
Parts for Bogies of Rail Vehicles
CNC Turning and Milling parts
Machined Drop Forgings
Machined Iron and Steel Castings

Ship Design and Container Securing Systems

Fixed and Loose Container Lashing Equipment
Turn Key Container Cell Guide Systems
Offyard Ship Repair
Ship Design, Calculations and Consulting
Container Spreader and Lifting Beams

Iron Making and Steel Industry

Blast Furnace Tap Hole Drilling Tools
Grate Bars for Sinter and Pellet Plants
High Alloy Heat and Wear Resisting Castings
Heat Resisting Drop Forgings

Industrial Plants and Bulk Transportation

Drop Forged Chains for Bulk Chain Conveyors
Drive Shafts and Sprocket Wheels for Chain Conveyors
Grate Bars and Heat Resisting Castings for Incineration Plants
Coke Oven Anchor Systems
High Alloy Stainless Steel Forgings and Castings

Wind Turbine Transportation and Erection Technology

Securing Systems for Road Transport of Wind Turbines
Securing Systems for Sea Transport of Wind Turbines
Securing and Handling Systems for Wind Turbines on Jack Ups
Logistic Solutions for Offshore and Onshore Transportation and Erection

Central Group Services

Central Purchasing Finances, Accounting and Central Services
Controlling and Consulting
Central Quality Management



Office Radevormwald

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Dietmar Eider
Managing Director
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